Treat Dark circles under eyes

PRP Injection under eye

If one of the areas that bother you is the under-eye, and already tried fillers, Botox and Laser, the next step is to try Platelet Rich Plasma treatment for dark circles under eyes .

Dark Circles under eyes

Collagen under eye injection

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. It’s actually your body’s own growth factors, little stem cells that go into the area and help to “maybe” stimulate collagen, improve elasticity and brighten up the skin. We say “maybe” because it’s still not FDA approved, but there has been a lot of research and we know it works since we’ve been doing this a long time.

PRP under the eyelids to promote brightness and rejuvenated look.

You’ve probably seen those videos on social media or internet where people are doing the Vampire Facelifts. This is the same thing except we also inject in certain areas such as under the eyes.

How we do this, we have to draw the patients blood. Just like when you go to a doctor that draws your blood, this is the same thing except we use a special type of device, a little vile, that has buffering agent in it that help to separate the red blood cell from the plasma. The vile also has some fillers can help with the pain and discomfort for cosmetic purposes for hair and skin.

The drawing of the blood is the worst part of the PRP process. The vile is then placed in a special centrifuge that allows the blood to turn into beautiful Platelet Rich Plasma.

Platelet-Rich plasma preparation. Tube with blood in hands.

The red blood cells are separated from the plasma. This is where the rich growth factors and stem cells and everything we need to repair damaged tissues and joints. In the skin it helps brighten up the skin. Other purposes is for hair loss. We are injecting PRP into the scalp to promote hair growth.

Injecting the plasma

Here we inject the plasma into the under eye and upper cheek area with the smallest needles you’ve ever seen to keep you nice and comfortable. We are doing a lot of needle injections to get that into all of those areas without discomfort and pain. There will be a few stings every now and then, but what most patients feel a little bit of warm sensation. Also they can almost feel the plasma moving under the skin just for a couple of minutes post injection.

Size of Needle used on yellow post it

You will notice some swelling, some redness, and some little dots. These are normal response for the treatment and they all settle very quickly.

Scared of needles

For those who are blood and needle phobia, yes you can change it around.

PRP is best treated as a treatment course. It is recommended to do one treatment a month for a total of 3 months. Then it is recommended to do one about every 6-12 months to maintain those results. Yes you will see results after one treatment, but it is recommended to get the course of three to get the absolute best results.

It can also be beneficial for scarring, for really dry skin, skin with a lot of lines and hollowing to rejuvenation all of those areas. As this treatment uses the body’s plasma and we don’t add anything to it. It is really important we extract the healthiest plasma possible. Therefore it is important to drink a lot of water prior to the treatment, follow a healthy diet, and avoid alcohol and high fatty foods prior to a treatment so we are getting the absolute best plasma. Visit FAQ page for more info.