Treating Crepey skin

Crepey skin PRP
Crepey skin PRP

What is Crepey skin

Why and where does crepey skin from? Crepey is different than wrinkles and is not always related to aging. It tends to evolve around large area of skin and represents a loss of internal framework underneath those areas of affected skin. Especially when you smile, the wrinkles get noticed. The skin under is the thinnest skin in the body. As a result create thin and fragile skin.

What are the causes of Crepey skin?

UV rays from the sun

The number one cause of crepey skin is ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Sunlight through even windows while indoors can contribute to this. The UV rays that go through the glass penetrate deeply into the skin and destroy the elastic fibers that recoil and snap to the skin.

Don’t lose or gain weight too fast

Rapid change of weight with stretching of the skin can also cause Crepey skin. Third cause of crepey skin is lack of moisture.

Moisturizer to limit water loss of the skin

Moisturizers help by delivering hydration to the skin and reducing whats called transepidermal water loss out of the skin. It helps your skin hold on to the moisture much better.

Long term outcome of crepey skin from Prednisone

Prednisone is a medication that can cause crepey. The reason for this is because a systemic steroid given to marketly reduce inflammation. It impairs some of the biology of wound healing and collagen formation. With long term use of Prednisone can result to crepey skin.

Smoking is bad for the skin, obviously

Smoking is a major cause for the skin condition. Like UV rays, it damages the fibers that results to loose crepey skin.

Sleep more for skin sake

Sleep deprivation shows more prominent signs of skin aging . The body can’t recuperate from inflammation throughout the day and the skin deep down suffers.

Pollution and skin dont go well

Pollution is a major contributor to skin aging and crepey skin. Pollution on the skin can result to inflammation through generation of free radicals.

Eat the recommended servings of nutrients

Poor nutrition. Not having your recommended servings of fruits and vegetables will show up in the skin down the road. Smoked meats and processed sugary foods can set you up for Crepey skin. Advanced glycation end product foods create compound deposit the collagen framework and create a inflammatory response that yield wrinkling and aging.

Treatment at home

What can you buy at the store that will help treat existing crepes skin? One of the most effective thing to pursue is a topical Vitamin A derivative. is Retinol a retonoi or a retinoid. A vitamin A in general are established ingredients for improving the structure of the deeper layer of the skin. We use it for cellulite to make it be better.

Used consistently for about a year you will notice some improvement in skin firmness in using a topical Vitamin A derivative.


Thousands of Retinol types are sold in the stores. As far as those sold some examples of good product is Cereve Resurfacing Retinol and Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair. These brands come from a long history track record and R&D that it makes it easy to be confident in them. Avene Retinol is a step above of Retrinol since it is more bio available. Adapalene (Differen brand) is probably the best choice since it is the most active. Studies show it is helpful for the improvement of wrinkles and fine lines.

Microneedling with PRP

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) which is derived from the blood is a concentration of the wound healing growth factors and critical cells and factors that are necessary to stimulate wound healing. To discuss how blood face lift facial can improve the crepes facial condition, contact Bonzai Regen by calling direct or filling out the form. In the cosmetic field, physicians use PRP for skin rejuvenation. 

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