Is PRP treatment painful ?

If you are able to give blood, then it’s not painful. About 10 cc’s of blood is drawn, sometimes even more depending on the technique and area of treatment. Majority of patients say it doesn’t hurt very much.

Physician don’t do it blind.

In procedures that involve soft tissue area, ultrasound imaging equipment is frequently used. It is augmented reality where the doctor can see through to the needle as it is being injected.

To numb or not to number?

Is it normal not to be numb before PRP injections? We have been aware of colleagues that believe in doing PRP treatment without any anesthetic. Physicians that perform this treatment, feel that the numbing can interfere with the effectiveness with the treatment. Patients that proceed with this approach usually describe the experience as very painful.

No experience like a pleasant experience…

Bonzai Regen physicians and staff serve with the philosophy that pain should be avoided as much as possible. Our cosmetic specialists do everything from head to toe. It has been our mission to make our patients comfortable, make cosmetic procedures less daunting and more accessible. We are able to help patients that come from around the world with a 99% successful outcome rate. The PRP hair regrowth treatment stops the progression of hair loss and reactivate the follicles for regrowth with just a single treatment. A second session can follow 6 months later depending on severity.

No-numb treatments, is a no go for us

Although we are familiar of clinics that apply the no-numb into procedures, and we are unclear of the exact justification for it. From our experience with our patients, we are able to get pretty amazing results, even with successful numbing,.

A little local anesthetic injections please

Not saying that it is painless from the beginning. Getting a few local anesthetic injections does feel uncomfortable. We use the tiniest needles after application of topical anesthetic. That being said hair regeneration has been successful for us.

Topical anesthetic is more like it

Is it reasonable to at least ask yourself if pain is necessary? From our experience, pain is not necessary to have to put up throughout the painless method. Only you can determine what is right for you. Many have come to us once they got tired of feeling uncomfortable with the PRP injection without anesthetic.

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