The case and treatment of Hyper-pigmentation of the skin

Causes of skin pigmentation

Sun exposure on skin

The most important aspect to do first to treat facial pigmentation is to identify the cause. The diagnosis is the first step. The most common cases of facial segmentation is Melasma. Melasma is mainly due to hormones, UV exposure and genetics. Pigmentation of skin presents itself as patchy areas of visible dark spot involving the upper lip, forehead and around the eye area. It is a condition that effects woman more than men because of hormones.

When it gets worst

The Hallmark of Malasma usually worsens in pregnancy. Hormones when on birth control pills can also make it worst. It can get worst during summer and improves in winter. It is one of the hardest conditions to treat but it is treatable. TCA-Jessner’s Peels from Sun Damage. Treatments help alleviate both The wrinkles and skin pigmentation. Lasers applied with cream is another assured way to treat condition.

Protect yourself

Self protection is really important. Pigmentation issue can develop by sun damaged. Hat covers, not caps and Sunscreen UV protection like La Roche Posay brand. The pigmentation is something that can be fixed one of two ways. Either through injection or through d.

The PRP Treatment

The PRP treatment consists of a PRP Injections are not injected deep just to skin level depth. It is a procedure that is recommended to be done continuously. The number of prp injections can be from seven to fourteen. The injection itself doesn’t hurt. What might actually hurt is the material being used. The ingredient once it comes in , the pigmentation can dissolve.

The Filler

Deep cavities under the eyes, dark circles tend to be natural to some. It may be genetic. A filler can improve it slightly but results are limited. Discoloration can still be noticed. Lower eye lid color is not aligned with the color of cheek. There are various degrees of severity.

Beauty is pain sometimes.

The unpleasant part is when it feels like the product dissolves away the pigmentation after injection. The sting takes only couple seconds. the product can be seen underneath the skin. It takes 1-2 hours to actually be dissolved or spread throughout the skin.

The results

For a while it can look like an allergic reaction. A difference can be noticeable within an hour then back in the office. Everyone reacts differently. Some people dont swell like most. Thank you Blood Facial.

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