Can Acne scars be removed

PRP Research for acne scars

Research was done to help patients with Acne scars. We are all familiar with acne scars. It effects 80% of the adolescent population and a lot of people will develop scarring from this later in life. These researches were trying to see how PRP can help those type of patients.

The study consisted of thirty patients. There were 18 woman and 12 males. These patients all had very severe atrophic acne scars, which basically means scars are deep in the skin.

Toplical PRP vs. Intradermal Injection

First group received whats called split face therapy. During this both cheeks received FCL (Fractional Carbon Dioxide Laser), the laser commonly used for skin resurfacing. and the other was received Intradermal injection of PRP. PRP and Salin on each cheeks, both sides received FCL.

The second group also received split face therapy. Both cheeks were treated with FCL, but one cheek received in Intradermal, and the other one received a topical application of PRP. The first group was comparing PRP to a control. The second group was comparing PRP injection compared to PRP Topical. No studies have been done that had shown that Topical is as effective as an injection. It might be a more comfortable procedure because the PRP can be applied to the face like a gel solution.

It’s very interesting how they compared this met in a study. That is something we hear on the field there are a lot of clinics that are doing Cosmetic PRP facial work, and hair restoration procedures. There is somewhat of a divide. Some are doing the intradermal injections and some are getting the platelet rich plasma and rubbing in on the skin.

The groups received three treatment session at monthly intervals. They were evaluated three months after the last treatment session making it a 6 month study. Overall the FCL combined with PRP, weather or not it was Topical or injected, favored almost 3 times better than just FCL by itself.

This was a blinded study because the people who were assessing the improvements, these were Dermatologists who just saw before and after photographs.

Dark Spots on Skin

One other really cool outcome came of this study. People with darker pigmentation, PRP actually helped improve the appearance of the scars after FCL without leaving to Hyperpigmentation of the skin. The hyperpigmentation with people with darker skin. These areas tend to be higher pigmented so they become much darker than surrounding areas. The analysts think that this was because PRP accelerates the repair of the basement membrane, the lower layer of skin. Extra melanin bubbles up. One of the growth factors TGF beta actually found in PRP is what accelerates the healing of the basemen membrane. What a neat casual observation. They noticed is that the groups that received the PRP compared to the controlled group had less hyper pigmentation.

This is a great study especially for clinics like Bonzai Regen Med Spa that are already doing PRP treatment can improve outcomes.

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